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Differential equations and related issues Fri 12:15-13:45
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Partial differential equations Tue 12:15-13:45
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Paweł Dłotko, PhD
address:Łojasiewicza 6, PL-30-348 Kraków, Poland
e-mail:dlotko At

Research interests:
  • Computational topology and computational geometry.
  • Applications of computational homology.

CV light:
2013Postdoc researcherUniversity of Pennsylvania
2012PhD in Computer ScienceJagiellonian University
2007M.Sc in Computer ScienceJagiellonian University

Research grants:
2009Małopolskie Stypendium Doktoranckie 2009Małopolski Urząd Wojewódzki
2010Algorytmy redukcji w obliczeniowej teorii homologii i kohomologii z zastosowaniami (grant promotorski pod kierownictwem prof. dr hab. Mariana Mrozka)MNiSW
2010Google Research Award (pod kierownictwem prof. dr hab. Mariana Mrozka)Google

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  • Paweł Dłotko, Specogna Ruben,
    Topology preserving thinning of cell complexes
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  • Paweł Dłotko, Specogna Ruben, Francesco Trevisan,
    Automatic generation of cuts on large-sized meshes for $T-\Omega$ geometric eddy-current formulation
  • Paweł Dłotko, Bernard Kapidani, Specogna Ruben,
    Fast computation of cuts with reduced support by solving maximum circulation problems
    IEEE T MAGN, ()
Division of Computational Mathematics, Institute of Computer Science, Łojasiewicza 6, 30-348 Kraków, Poland